Jul 12, 2014



Knock knock!

Girl I see now
that I know you not.

I need to know.

What makes you laugh?
What makes you cry?
What makes you do both?

What are your dreams?
What are your means?

What turns you around?
What turns you on?

Whom do you own?
Whom do you owe?

What puzzles you solve?
What puzzles you be?

What art you paint?
What canvas you prefer?

What makes you cuddly?
What makes you deadly?

What wisdom you seek?
What madness you devour?

What investments you make?
What adventures you take?

And more importantly..
What empties you?
Yet fulfills you?

I need to know.
Answer to all these.
And then perhaps,
I need to
answer to all these.

I have a lifetime left.
Let me in.

- GS

Image courtesy : mouton.rebelle

Jul 3, 2014

The legilimens phone (Mind-reading phone for Muggle interpretation)

Do you know the difference between smart phones and smart people? They both have excellent processors. The smart phone processors can process many many 'What now?' scenarios to cope up with human impatience and attention span deficit, which is tactfully branded as multi-tasking. Smart people have minds that process many many 'What if?' scenarios simultaneously. The reason I pondered over this difference is a curious 'What if' case my mind processed. What if smart phones evolved into super phones? 

I wonder what super power my phone can acquire! Of course two things come to my mind immediately.
1. Batteries that never run dry or charge automatically and autonomously - I hear that technology is already imagining these possibilities and if they can imagine something, soon they shall make it happen. So I reject this for being within human reach and hence 'not super'. I have to think of something more super than the Pomegranate phone.
2. To wake me up promptly at the time I set my alarm to. Every time. - I have to reject this because this is even beyond super powers.

This leaves me with the next option, which I can safely claim to be 'super'. I want my phone to be a legilimens. For the sake of simple people who have not read the Harry Potter, I want my phone to be a mind reader. What if my phone can tell me what the other person is truly thinking when he/she is talking to me on the phone. Something like a lie detector packed into a phone in addition to the zillion gadgets like night vision cameras, intelligent personal assistants etc. Rather, I would like my phone to immediately detect three L's in conversations on top priority. Lies. Loans & Love.