May 24, 2013

Guest-list of the wish-list of the voice-list

Technology has developed very much!

This is the one line that loops around in my head as I sit down to prepare a guest-list for the unique party that WeChat has dared me to put together in fantasy. This new application, claiming to be a new way to connect by voice and chat through mobile, sure does open up new possibilities in being connected. Quite specifically in this post, it opens up new possibilities in putting together a wish list of voices with whom I want to chat. They throw an interesting question to me: If I could connect with 5 or more people in a WeChat group - who would they be, and why? What would we chat about? And they also give me absolute freedom in choosing from dead, alive or even fictional people. Hence this guest-list of the wish-list of the voice-list!

This list, just like the app, is all about the magic of 'voice'. So I think of the magical voices I would like to hear and I narrow down the list to possibilities which are otherwise impossible to mere mortals like me. Instinctively my mind rejects most voices that I can hear by turning on the TV or Youtube any day. This chance is not to be wasted on them. Nextinctively, my mind rejects personal friends, girl-friend(s), parents, dead forefathers etc. Though there are many interesting people in this group, I don't want to make it a personal diary. Thus, with due diligence and great care, I compile this list of people, whom I might never ever elsewhere assemble together, to set up a group voice chat.

Technology has developed very much. What else to say?