Mar 21, 2014

AtoZ #0 - Theme Reveal - Just six words

So, this April I am participating in the AtoZ Blogging Event. Each day this month except on Sundays, I will release one post on an title starting with the alphabet of the day. I am going to follow an exciting theme for this challenge. Here I reveal the theme to you!

The event suggests me to write short posts to make it more reader-friendly. I intend to use this opportunity to test out a long-held dream of a writing experimentation. I won't bother you with more than 6 words each day. Just six! The idea of 6-word stories owes its roots to Ernest Hemingway and you might be curious to read the very first six word story that the great man wrote himself:

For sale: Baby shoes, never worn.
- Ernest Hemingway

Several gems have come out in this format and I am going to experiment in this flash fiction format this April. These enticing six words do not reveal much direct. The beauty of these stories lie in the unsaid words. Forget reading between lines. Experience reading between the words here.

This format also fits perfectly to the ultra-short attention span that exists today. With so much of information around us, it is a much bigger challenge now than even Hemingway faced. To say it in it's own way.

Six word stories? Come again please. 

Image Courtesy : robotson
Hence the idea. With Hemingway's blessings and your support, I hope we have an exciting ride ahead.