Nov 27, 2009

Xcuse me, will you ?!

Can I get out of the worst of the worst situations using my gab skills? A college challenged me recently with four situations. My gab is here for u all to see ..... Will you let me go ?

A policeman catches you red handed peeing on the roadside
    “Sshh! Who do you think I am? Listen carefully! I am an undercover  soldier. There are biotoxic landmines in here.  Latest Terrorist Science! Only way to diffuse them is uric acid. No time to talk. I need your help here. Wet the other side of the road. Quick!” 

You gave a love letter to the wrong girl and you are in custody of her boyfriend.
  “Friend! I understand your rage. But I am more concerned as to why she copied a few lines from that letter in her notebook and bookmarked the page ‘For Reference’. I somehow feel its time you watch your back bro…”

You are a washer man (dhobi) and you’ve been caught by your customer, when you were roaming around wearing his clothes.
  “Sorry Sir! Today is my dear grandpa’s death anniversary. Great man! He always advised me to put myself in my customer’s place to succeed in business. Just got a bit emotional thinking of him today”

You are a high school graduate and your dad catches you purchasing a box of condoms.
   “Dad! See this? They are selling plastic covers for leaking fountain pens. Now my shirt won’t get stained and Mom won’t go mad at your washing”
-GS :-)


  1. Mathi awesome reply. Will call you if i get into any trouble.

  2. Thanks da ... And the College has also decided the same way it seems. This is selected as the best entry in India :-)