Aug 8, 2010

My angel's flower-bud sister

O my love angel ..
Your scent , a dew-dipped flower's name
Even a flower bud too heavy on your delicate frame !

Awaiting your arrival , 
Excitedly oscillates my life's beat
Chatting with the park and your empty seat .

At that moment
A shine yellow flower bud falls on your place
From the shade tree that understood my trance. 

The flower bud
Then looked at me with a smile reminding yours
Trying even in vain to emulate your fragrance .

What do I do ?
Command it, to vacate my angel's seat ? or
Converse with it to soothe my wait's heat ?

What do I say ?
That my angel is prettier than it by miles ? or
That both have beauty unique in different styles ?

To my relief then
You walk towards me , wings flapping ,
Aroma, Breeze and Delight as friends flanking.

Now I am confused .
Romance is best experienced in solitude. 
With too many intruders, are we diluting its magnitude ?

You come within kissing distance 
Are you going to blow away your flower-sister
Or doubt that I sought another company with a look sinister ?

As I twitch in fear
The poor bud melts in awe at your appeal
My heart captures the moment , savouring its feel .

Without much thought
At a gentle stroke, you swept the bud down the chair
The heart-broken tree cried and shouted it was unfair .

" O poor cute thing "
I empathise with the bud and hold it in my palms
And look up to see your eyes, fiery like nuclear arms .

In fury
You stare cold and walk away from me
I see in my palm , a cute yellow enemy .

Helpless , 
I blame the flower bud and the tree
And run for you on a convincing spree. 

= Writtten in Tamil by Vetri Kumaran . Adapted in English by Gomathi Shankar