May 30, 2011

Harley Davidson and the two underwear stories

Out of sheer boredom on a sleepy sunday, I went to the Chennai Elliotts beach alone for some people watching today. (People watching  is a term different from sight-seeing/figure watching/bird watching which is a far vaster terminology inclusive of the latter too). In those four hours, I met some very interesting people who crossed my life. They were only passing clouds and I did not even speak to any of them nor did I see them for more than 2 minutes but these were clouds that formed vivid interesting shapes that stuck to my memory. One by one, here they come!

Harley Swamy :-

Harley Swamy on saddle

As I was waiting on the roadside to cross the road, a stylish Harley Davidson bike crossed me with all its regal masculinity and appeal. My eyes naturally went along with it. Elevated handle bars, the distinct Harley noise and the shining metallic finish! The surprise was in the rider. On the saddle was a near-sixty TamBrahm Thatha with a 'namam; on his forehead, wearing a t-shirt that neatly covered his pot belly and a trouser that exposed his thigh onwards, (we Tamilians have seen much better thighs though(courtesy: Ramba))  and a pair of Reebok shoes. He was wearing a shiny black half-face helmet with metal spikes on top it running along the vertical plane of the helmet like on the back bone of some extinct dinosaur. Never seen a combo like this! I still can not decide whether I can digest this or not !

Male underwear story :-

Dude in distress

As I was happily watching the excited kids, reluctant-to-get-wet girls and who-cares couples along the shore, I was also watching with a tinge of fire in my belly (read this for the reason), the macho jockeys who were proudly displaying their swimming skills along with their Machos and the Jockeys. After a while, the jockeys were running amok, still wearing only their wet jockeys and machos, frantically trying to borrow a mobile phone from strangers in the beach to make an emergency call. This is what happened - apparently they had a goods-keeper friend (who should ideally be a non-swimmer) who was watching over all their dress, purse, keys and phones. The friend chose to play a prank on them and he just disappeared with all their belonging when they were at sea. The underwear clad machos in distress were absolutely sure that their pirate-friend was watching them from a hidden distance and enjoying their plight. What could be worse? Even if some one gave them a phone, they do not know the pirate's number by heart! I didn't see them for long afterwards. Wonder when they found their pants?

Female underwear story :-

Ah ! If only they shop like this :-)

On the way to the beach from Besant Nagar bus stop, there is a posh looking shop called 'Mermaid - personal innerwear'. As I was walking to the beach, I happened to see a not-so-posh looking girl with a checked shirt and a denim jean walk into that shop. That was it! The incidence had no other significance then. After nearly two hours and the Harley Swamy and the machos in distress, I was returning to Besant nagar bus stop. To my surprise, the same checked shirt girl walked out of Mermaid with a small polythene bag in her hand just metres in front of me. You may ask what is interesting in this? That is exactly my question to the check shirt !

Will write about more people-watching episodes soon. For those who do not do people-watching, try it. It is a very interesting pastime. For serious bird-watchers, try people watching too. This also is an interesting pastime. Please exercise caution while people watching. There are potential chances of personal injury:-)



  1. Ha.. Ha.. dat was really funny.. But whatever be it, Seeing girl is ok, but noticing the denim label in her jean is a bit too much la?? :D

  2. boss.. denim jean is a colour .. enna dan people watching nalum label watching is hazardous to health illiya :-)