Feb 9, 2013

The ultimate social game for the non-player

Thanks to Alan Cleaver for the image

Disclaimer: If you are a Mafia wars/ Glassdoor/ Farmville/ Criminal Case/ What-not enthusiast, you might find the content of this post 'hurting' your sentiments and if you can rally around with a strong army which can threaten chaos to law and order, you might even win a ban to my blog and give me great publicity. That way, I can improve my blog's followers from this meagre number to a healthy chunk. 

Every civilization starts with farming it seems. In retrospect, how fitting it seems to be ! If only people resisted to being drawn into agriculture and cattle rearing on computer screens a few years ago, we would have been living in a different planet now! Of course the Vice cities and the like would still have been around but those people would be innocuously killing and looting in solitude in their homes and at best through a LAN connection. And I would not have been receiving invitations to solve murder mysteries on social media now .... If only !

These game hosts refuse to learn even from the age-old wisdom transferred across generations. They missed their last chance when they all entered into their fancy Glassdoors. Nobody seemed to realise that those who live in glass doors should not throw stone at another. Boy! They were throwing invitations around like a storm, forget a stone. Once the glassdoor fad was gone and they emerged out of the door, there was no turning back. The latest one is the crime scene. Most people who claim to solve murders are people who can't find the glasses on the nose when they desperately search for it all around the place.

Luckily, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is not around to see everybody becoming a Sherlock Holmes now. If so, he should only be writing recipe books titled like 'How to become a detective in 30 days?' or 'Anybody can investigate' to find a living in the world today.

Point emphasized. Period.

What will the innocent non-gaming souls like me do to avoid these invitations once and forever? What is the panacea for our fate? Blocking each game and each friend from sending us game requests is like breaking a mountain pebble by pebble. What if we clean it all up in one stroke? I have a solution.

We should play! 

Yes, for one last time, we should play a social game. Not any game. A new game that I propose here. *Inspired from the adage that thorns have to be taken out by thorns*

Thanks to crdotx for the image
Here's the game for you. I have heard friends say about this Vice city game where you can freely roam around and kill, loot, kidnap and do whatever you wish. People actually like that chaos and want to be the bad guy so badly while playing this game. I propose a social game which is much bigger than any small silly game that they play now. It will be like the Vice city of social media.

It integrates all known social games into it and create one huge world and connect all gamers in the world in one platform. Farmers can tend to their cattle, mafiosos can plot murders and investigators can investigate them all in one synced place. O yeah.. the glassdoor guys can continue throwing stones at others. Everybody logging in from their social media account and living in this world.

All I want is an exclusive vice-city type license also to be built into this game. Which means, the vice city morale is also to be built in this game. A user should denounce from playing all other games forever to play this game in this mode. Once I start playing the game in this mode, I can freely roam around the place, sit in mafia meetings and randomly fire at people, destroy crime scene evidences and basically, spoil the party of other gamers. Much like what is done in Vice city.

Not just any party. Whenever I get an invite from a so-and-so to join in his game, I should be getting an alert on what game he is playing and I should be able to spoil that particular so-and-so's game. What fun it will be, right?

Here is the masterstroke. Basically, people want to spoil the parties of others and be the bad-ass guy (as Vice City taught us). So, there is a greater proabability that more and more people will start playing this game in the Vice-city mode which means more and more people will have to denounce from playing all other games forever on social media which means invitations from other games will die out in a few months. We will only be spammed with invitations to this game.

That's right.. saavungada!

Voila ! Here is the solution to that as well. As more and more people play as chaos agents, there will be less and less people playing other games whose parties can be spoilt. Eventually there will be no innocent guy tending to cattle or investigating murder and everybody will want to commit crime in this game. So they will have nothing to do and they can't go back to their normal cattle lives as well (remember the denouncement).

Hence proved. So, all non-gamers and those who get annoyed at investigation invitations, support to bring this game real in social media and save a civilization.

As of now, for the crime scene investigation invites I receive, here is my answer: I don't do murders unless provoked and I don't play games on social media even in provoked. So don't make me a murderer.

- Cheers,

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