Dec 21, 2013

The missing dot

Image courtesy : fauxto_digit

There lived an optimistic little blue bird.
Some call it ambitious.
A few brand it pompous, even.
It was just optimistic
and incorrigible at that!
All it ever dreamed of was
to fly.

'No body could do that'
'No need to do that'
'No sane bird would do that'
they said in all tones.
The blue bird in return
developed a good sense of humour.
And a few friends
to share the joke and laugh aloud.

It only just tried.
Only just.
it was good enough for a start!
It pushed itself higher
and higher, and higher, and higher.
And the aching wings gradually adapted
till the point beyond which
it's all just mental!
Mind over wings.

The sprite little bird
suddenly realized a thing.
It has flown far and alone
with a sea of admirers beneath
but scant company to flank.
And that mattered.
And that bothered.
It was lonely at the top!

It flew further and higher
hoping to find the missing dot.
It did see bird life at times
but they were species apart.
'We'll remember you'
they all said.
'I'll join you'
sadly no one dared!
When in doubt, it flew further up!

All this while
the little blue bird was inside,
or so it thought!
Or did it just turn monsterly?
Why wouldn't the wings feel pain anymore?
Will the bird's blissful ignorance
be lost in transit?
Will flight be a chore?
Will heights turn sour?
It feared its own self!

But it clung on to a belief
that the missing dot
lay somewhere higher up.
Another blue bird
would be waiting up there already
or will be joining up there asap.
Which of the either?
It won't know for now
for there are no spoilers
in the grand design's plot!

It only has to remain optimistic
and incorrigible at that
to spot the missing dot,
the full-stop,
where this phase ends and
a parallel universe begins!

- GS

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