Jul 12, 2014



Knock knock!

Girl I see now
that I know you not.

I need to know.

What makes you laugh?
What makes you cry?
What makes you do both?

What are your dreams?
What are your means?

What turns you around?
What turns you on?

Whom do you own?
Whom do you owe?

What puzzles you solve?
What puzzles you be?

What art you paint?
What canvas you prefer?

What makes you cuddly?
What makes you deadly?

What wisdom you seek?
What madness you devour?

What investments you make?
What adventures you take?

And more importantly..
What empties you?
Yet fulfills you?

I need to know.
Answer to all these.
And then perhaps,
I need to
answer to all these.

I have a lifetime left.
Let me in.

- GS

Image courtesy : mouton.rebelle